Privacy Policy

You will find below the privacy policy that is in place here at the  website and as such we would ask you to give it a read through if you wish to use and make use of this golf and sports blog, be aware that this privacy policy may change at any time and if so we will update this section of the site accordingly.

Information We Gather –All website that you visit are going to be gather some form of information from you, and on this site we do have some software installed on our server that collect statistics from people visiting our website.

Information that we gather includes your location, the web browser used to visit this site and also we will be able to tell what pages of this site you visit and the type of device you visited this website using.

How We Use Your Information – The purpose of us collecting data from our website visitors is to enable us to find out what parts of the website has the most visits, and which countries our website visitors hail from. That then allows us to add more relevant articles and blog posts onto this site to improve the range of information we supply to you.

Cookies – A cookie will always be placed onto your computer when you visit this website and it will be updated with a more up to date one on any additional visits to this site you make. That cookie simply lets us identify you as a visitor and it can at all times be removed from your computer by you.

Third Party Websites – We only operate this website and none of the third party website that we either mention or have links to on this site, and as such when you do visit any of those sites please be aware we cannot be held responsible for any of the information supplied on those third party websites.


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