About Us

Having a passion about any sport is never a bad thing, and recently me and a bunch of friends got together over a drink and one topic of conversation came up regarding golf and sport in general, and that discussion was regarding the lack of website that were both updated daily and also offered a wide and varied range of sports related news stories and articles.

It was during this decision I was reminded of the line in the film the Field of Dreams, “you build it and they will come”. So I set about put together this website which has been a labour of love since the day it launched.

Throughout this entire website you are going to find a whole host of different sports related topics discussed and plenty of daily news stories that I am convinced anyone with a passion for any sport will be interested in reading.

With that in mind please do have a look around this site and be aware that if you wish to post any feedback or comments on any of the blog posts then you are cordially invited to do so, simply follow the onscreen instructions for making a post.

We have protected this entire website with copyright and as such we respectfully ask that you do not copy or replicate any part of this website at any time, that includes all of the images and logos in addition to the written content displayed throughout this site.

If you wish to get in touch with us and would like to suggest any additional content ideas that you feel will be of interest to our website visitors, then please do feel free to get in touch and make as many suggestions for additional content as you like.


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